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Which is higher in getting sales between TRS and Featured gig?


I am new here. Even I don’t know what TRS badge and Featured gig is…

From your perspective which does generate more sales between both ?


Personally I think both can work equally fine.

I have a TRS badge and I get a good number of gigs every week,

even though I have NEVER been featured. Whether you have the nice pink “featured” banner or not, just having the TRS badge next to your name helps a lot, I think.

Also word of mouth helps a lot.

BTW…I thought you were 12 years old…


I am 14 y.o. forget about 12. It is mistype/mistypo.

I am salute to you. How long does it take for you became Trs ?

And is it possible for everyone become trs ?


There’s no set time. Becoming a TRS is based on Fiverr staff decision. Anyone can be one if you do quality work, deliver on time, maintain a good feedback rating, etc.