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Which is more dangerous for profile reputation, Low Response or Cancellation?

I am thinking that which factor is going to affect a profile very badly like LOW RESPONSE or CANCELLATION rate? Comment please. Thanks

Both are terrible for your rank and impressions. They don’t affect your profile. Of the two a high cancellation rate due to late deliveries is the worst. Mutual cancellations don’t count in theory.

Both of them are sort of detrimental but cancellation would be worse for me. I’m referring to cancellation for late deliveries.

As response rate is always wrong, at least for me, it shouldn’t affect things at all until it works flawlessly, so wouldn’t care about it. I’ve read here that high cancellation rate can bring trouble, though. But mutual cancellations don’t have any effect according to Fiverr.

Great info learnt from your reply. Thanks

We have conflict in your comments to misscrystal comments. could we have some more details on this topic please?

Seems informative to me. Thanks Adsensewizard

Does it really matter which is WORSE? Both have a negative effect so do as much as you can to ensure both rates are as high as possible.