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Which is more important?

Which is more important among impression,click and view?
Will be more better if anybody briefly talk something about these.

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Sales are definitely the best.

You should try focusing on that metric instead of the ones you list above.


But those things actually matter for sells…aren’t they?

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Well, no actually.

They are there to show you how well your gig performs in the search results.

But they are not numbers you need to focus on too much, what you need to focus on is conversion.

That’s what matters most.

Sure the above numbers can tell you if your gig appears in search results and if it’s compelling enough to get clicks.


There is no reason to look at those things. They are there mostly if you are running some ads, to see if they are being seen or not.

They have no real purpose otherwise. I don’t look at mine. I just look at sales, if I’m getting them or not.

If you look at conversion, that tells you if your gig is making sales.


impression = how well your gig is performing in the fiverr gig lists. Something like SEO
click = number of people clicked on your gig and saw the details.
and view = number of times people just looked at your gig.

Impressions and click are important. Because impression indicates that it is getting attraction of buyers and Fiverr is promoting you. And, click means some people are really interested about your gig and want to see it. Among those people some can be buyers.


Clicks are more important. If you have impressions and no clicks, that means no one liked your gig enough to click on it when they saw it. You fix that by making your gig more eye-catching visually.

Low impressions mean your gig isn’t even coming up in searches. If that’s the case, you need to tweak your gig SEO and marketing strategy.


All those things are alright for me but unfortunately I ain’t getting any order.Keep me in your prayers so that I can be successful.Thanks everyone for sharing your thoughts.