Which is the best avatar? A portrait or a graphics-like logo?


People are mostly likely to trust those with a actual “portrait” as their Fiverr avatar. After reading through a few discussions here in this forum, that’s my conclusion on the topic… But, I don’t think that it can be generalized that simply…

For those who provide consultancy kind-of gigs, it may be a better choice to put a real photo of you as avatar since it will help you get more trust. But what about for peoples who provide graphical services like logo, animation etc… What is the best choice for them as an avatar? A real photo to gain more trust or a graphical logo or some-kind to show off there design skills?

Am a motion graphics designer and my current avatar is my logo, should I change that???

Psychologically and logically what will work better???

My current avatar and portraits attached below… :slight_smile:


This is a tough one.

If you have a graphics/logo account, I wouldn’t mind purchasing from someone who displayed a nice logo or graphic as their avatar.

However if you are purchasing a more personal service from, let’s say the Psychic category, modeling, voice overs, etc. I would purchase from someone who displayed a real photo of themselves - I want to feel a more deeper connection with someone of these categories.

Hope this makes sense!



Reply to @mystifique: That makes perfect sense… :slight_smile: Thank you…


My opinion as a buyer is that I enjoy seeing custom avatars from artists, illustrators, creative designers, etc. because it’s my first chance to see their work in action.


Reply to @jamesbulls: That’s a great point… Thank you… :slight_smile:

May I ask you what you think of my Avatar from a buyer’s point of view? It is compelling? As a first impression, is it working? Thank you in advance…


Reply to @planbeestudios: Totally honest? It looks like a combination between a butt-hole and a mean bug with big teeth, lol


Reply to @jamesbulls: lol… Damn that was too honest… :smiley: but hey thank you… for the comment… :slight_smile:


Reply to @planbeestudios: I agree with @jamesbulls in overall sentiment, even if my language might have been a bit different.

Do a Google Image Search for the word “Tyson Bees” to see a great example of “bee” in cartoon-form - it’s art that’s on a popular food truck here in the states.



Reply to @david388: Thank you David… I will definitely try something else then… If two men think about it in the same way, then there IS something wrong with it, I guess… :slight_smile: Thank you guys for pointing out the flaw to me…


BTW… The idea of my current avatar was a giant bee with a TV as its head…