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Which is the best fiverr course you've learned alot from

There are several courses on fiverr. Which one will you recommend people to get😄


The one that aligns best with either

  • what you’re offering now (could it benefit the work you’ll deliver to your customers in some way, could it help you to be more efficient, could it help you to offer relevant Gig Extras, could it help you to see things from your buyers’ perspectives, …)
  • what you’re wondering whether you should offer it
  • what you think you might benefit from in another way (e.g., your gigs may have nothing to do with SEO, or branding, or …) but you might profit from an SEO course in order to help your gig or your off-Fiverr business along)

There is no one best Fiverr course. The best course is the one that will be the best one for you, for where you are right now.
Browse through them all, check the preview for those you think might be a good fit, and then choose.


Exactly told the right thing! Thank you so much

Thanks alot for help and wisdom. You really poured alot of knowledge.

To me I think the “7 secrets of viral marketing” course is very powerful for anyone new to fiverr and wants to learn how to create captivating gigs

Also one can learn alot from the free fiverr that welcomes you when you just get started​:hugs::blush:

Certainly, watching the free course should be common sense anyway when starting on Fiverr (or when it was published if you were here before that already). Should be mandatory, really, and ideally include anything important from ToS and other guidelines, it could save the people who are too lazy to read a lot of trouble, and the forum many unnecessary threads. On the other hand, they might be too lazy to watch too, especially if it was long enough to cover all that, so it might not help, I don’t know :wink: