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Which is the best font for the Fiverr gig image

which is the best font for the Fiverr gig image


You can use montserrat font or roboto.

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There is little tackier than an image covered in text. If you must, keep the text absolutely minimal and avoid Capt Obvious things that scream tacky like “Buy From ME, I am the best” or Silly promises like “24/7 Unlimited Money Back guarantee”

If you must then choose a Font that expresses the idea behind the words as if the person cannot read them, at least they can feel them.

This text may be hard to read technically but it gets it’s point across very powerfully all the same. Gig lead text should only be of this sort, none of this rats nest of bullet points


thank for given suggestion

The best font?


(This includes color, contrast, consistency, context, size, alignment, kerning, style, etc.)