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Which is the best skill to sell on fiverr with wordpress?

  1. Wordpress+Digital Marketing
  2. Wordpress+Social Media Management
  3. Wordpress+Graphic Design (logo etc)

The best skill to offer, is the best skill in which you are proficient.

If you don’t have a professional level skill, than that isn’t a good skill to offer.

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@jonbaas Thanks for your valuable suggestion but I just asked this as wordpress designer I have good grip on these skills too because they are interlinked.
Sometime people suggest not to put too many skills as it might be confusing for some clients, that is why I asked if I were to add 1 more skill along with wordpress, what should it be?


What you need to be asking is what combination doesn’t have a supply that exceeds demand. Unfortunately all of these options do.

Like I said, offer the skills that you have a professional level in providing. Create a gig, and see where interest it brings in. None of us can tell you ahead of time what will and will not be successful.

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I’m sorry but they are really not! Have you mastered WordPress? Cause they are still rolling updates and I sometimes find it hard to stay on top of it, let alone master it and I’d say I’m quite proficient when it comes to WordPress.

Would you be able to create a custom block with Gutenberg for example?

All the things you mentioned are constantly evolving so learning one of them is ongoing work. And if you truly master any of them I’m sure you’ll keep yourself busy as those are all in demand.

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