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Which is the best social media place for Gig promotion



Which is the best social media place for Gig promotion ,.,.,. can we use Instagram , Pintrest.


The best place is where you can get your targeted client who wants your service.


Hello @vaishali_r

The most famous ones are Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

The more you post the better it is.

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Hi @vaishali_r,

I hope you are doing well. I think now this time Instagram* or Personal Portfolio website is the best platform to find a new buyer. You can also use Facebook pages for GIG promotion.

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OK thanks, i have just starated on Facebook

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OK , thank you very much, i know about Instagram* and Facebook pages, but not understand about Personal Portfolio website(and how to promote):slightly_smiling_face::slightly_smiling_face:

There is no best social media site for sales. As has already been said, the ONLY place to find your target customers is wherever they hang out.

Are the people and businesses who need virtual assistant work hanging out on social media sites? Probably not. Go were business people and entrepreneurs need what you have to offer. Spamming your gig links on virtual assistant gig links on social media sites is not likely to result in any sales. Your friends, family, and people who hang out for fun on social media sites aren’t likely to be the ones needing virtual assistant work.

You NEED to understand your target customers before you know where to connect to them.