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Which is the best trendy niche in the fiverr as a graphic designer?


Desperately need your suggestion


Logo design is trendy,popular and top niche in Graphic Designing.

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But I am not good at logo design & I don’t have any interest in logo design. I love to work on the Banner design.
Do you have any suggestions about this category?


Then go for social media banner and web banner, advertising banner
Show your best work and use proper keyword
Good Luck :slight_smile:

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The best is the one you can perform properly.

If you are good on Banner design, then work in Banner design, not in something trendy.

Understand that fiverr is based on seller reputation. So if you want to sell a gig which is just trendy, good priced, but you cant perform well, you are risking to permanently get a low grade reviews, which will impact your gig reputation and as consequence, may never do a sale anymore.


Ok got it …Thanks for your valuable opinion


Yah brother
Thank you very much

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