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Which is the Best TTS software with human like voice that you use?

Which is the Best TTS software that you use?
I am a Whiteboard animator and it is not always possible to order voiceovers from other sellers, so do you know about any realistic Text to speech (tts) softwares?
Please suggest both Paid and Free options

It might be wise to consider ways in which you CAN use voiceovers in your animations. I know many people who won’t even consider purchasing from sellers who use synthetic voices, mostly because it doesn’t sound professional.


It’s better to hire a real human being than to use a machine for voice over/text to speech. This will create new job opportunities for human beings. :wink:

Check out NAWMAL software although it still sounds robotic and is expensive. There are at least a couple of good youtubers who make videos with that.
I agree with jonbaas on this. I’m not sure why you wouldn’t use a voiceover artist.

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Yeah I use real human voiceovers in my animations but I was thinking of Script Vocalizer