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Which is the GIG price we should use for clients?

Fiverr provide service from $5 up, so which is the price we need to use if we go to level one or two?
Please give me some advise, thanks

Use the price that you are most comfortable with. A lot of new sellers underprice their items to get more sales and good reviews, and once they hit level 1, they up their price to something reasonable.

Honestly, over an hour or two of work for $4 is not worth it, but it all depends on your hunger for customer satisfaction. Try to base your price off of how many hours or days it takes for you to fulfill your order. For example, 10 minutes of work is definitely worth earning 5 dollars, but do you think that working on a theme for 5 days straight is worth $5?

It all boils down to personal opinion. I don’t know much about editing or database stuff, so I can’t be all that specific. Base your price off of how much time it takes, is all I can say.

Another thing to keep in mind is that it depends on demand. If you offer people a T-bone steak for $5 you’ll probably sell a ton and you should even charge more. If you offer people some toast with peanut butter for $5 you probably won’t sell much.

Once you hit a new level you can raise the price slowly and if people keep buying, your doing good. If you hit a price level where they stop buying for more than a week, you may have gone too far.

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Thanks for your advise. I try to check those.