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Which is the most popular category on Fiverr?

Hello inhabitants of the Fiverr Cosmos!

I have expertise across multiple disciplines and I’m not sure which category to pursue as a new seller.

Any tips will be welcomed :slight_smile:

m.s.Faquih (msfaquih911)

If you are really very skilled in several disciplines, I would suggest you try gigs in several. There’s no harm in doing so, you can always delete them later. More bait catches more fish. What is popular isn’t even a good way to look at it, since the most popular also have the most competition. Just pick some things you can really do well and go for it.

I agree with fonthaunt. Lots of sellers have gigs in many different categories. They do very well that way.

Well, I started on Fiverr formatting ebooks. This didn’t really work out even though I can do it much better than some other people I know of so I expanded into writing. Writing works well for me in sales, however, I was quite reluctant to offer this service originally. (Because of the time involved for each $5 gig). More lately then, I have expanded into video but I am thinking about reeling this one in a bit as it’s causing more problems than it is creating benefits.

In short, offer what you are best at doing and test and analyze the market as you go. As long as you don’t throw the towel in after a couple of weeks because you’re not rolling in money you will be fine.