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Which Is The Right Category For My Gig? (Article Writing Services)


  1. I have a content development service here on Fiverr -

  2. It’s been running reasonably well, but I have a small confusion with regards to the categorization of my gig.

  3. Fiverr currently has two categories that go well with my service - Website Content and Articles & Blog Posts

  4. Which of the above categories do you think suits my gig well? It used to be listed under Website Content all this while, but I moved it towards Articles & Blog Posts a week ago.

  5. Ever since I changed the category, my orders have dropped by a huge extent, even though the impressions remain the same, so I don’t know whether to stick to this particular category or revert back.

It would be great if you could help me understand this better or suggest the best course of action.


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Based on the above suggest you move it back!