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Which is your favorite TV program?


Mine is Pawn Stars. Please list a current show, not one from the 90s, 80s or even 2000s. Preferably, one in English language.

Feel free to make fun of my English, lolz.


Dragons Den and anything Sci-Fi that is not called Star Trek Discovery


I love both Shark Tank and Dragon’s Den, but current favorite is Pawn Stars. Shark Tank used to be my most favorite in 2014.


Dragon’s Den, Moment of Truth, Untold Story Of ER, Ellen Degenerous, How it is made and Myth Buster, Ridiculousness, a lot more.


Great choice, indeed.


The Rachel Maddow Show


Never heard of it, will check out in free time. Sounds kinda girly.


It’s more politicky than girly.


Leave me alone, noooooooooooooo politics. Aaaaaaa!


Here are my favorite TV programs:
1.) Kings of Restoration
2.) Pawn Stars
3.) 48 Hours Mystery
4.) Cold Case Files

I’m a very curious person (as you could see from the list above. :wink:


Cricket and football - that’s the only thing I watch on TV.


I loooooove Forensic Files…and Cold Case Files…I also watched a lot of FBI Files and Investigative Reports!!!


Two most boring things ever happened to the mankind.


Interdasting (20 characters)


Gotta watch these. Never heard the names before (I think).


If you are into forensics and true crime, you will enjoy them for sure.
If not, you’re gonna hate them!!!


I love to watch serial killers’ documentaries. I have watched Richard Kuklinski’s same interviews tens of times and to look like Richard Ramirez, I did my best to find out about his diet (and several other habits) and started eating and doing the same, ended up ruining my looks.


mine is Kings of Restoration


Naaaah, you won’t want to look like the Night Stalker, you look perfectly fine! :wink:


I am interested in this too but wouldn’t say I love it, but I like abnormal psychology as a subject of interest.