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Which Macbook should I get for graphic design?

I’m looking to buy a macbook that can handle heavy duty photoshop use for long periods of time. I also need to code, but not game. Will a ”13 macbook air with 8gb be enough? What about SSD? What do you use for your fiverr work?

@arnevb one thing I give apple is they actually have very strict requirements for components and their motherboards are not standard built but the prices are silly though when you know what the real manufacturing and build costs are and the only reason I have an imac on my desk is I because I was given it.

Honestly I use PC and android all the way. It just depends on what brand, how much ram, what processor, and how much storage. I just got myself an Asus and it’s 320 gigs, 4 gigs ram, and an intel pentium processor. it’s amazing! If you want a mac I really don’t know much about them ask some of the top rated sellers. Some of them are big supporters of mac.

I use an imac for doing video work and some graphic work and a PC for everything else. I would not buy a macbook air as they are woefully overpriced for what you are getting and would buy a laptop instead. Let me put it this way. Not so long ago I went to a factory on business where they were making laptops. On one side they were making macs and in another part they were making white label laptops. Regarding SSD drives. I would only get one if you really need the performance as you are going to be paying a premium for the storage.

SSD price will give you a headache

I recommended 16GB RAM and 512GB SSD version of MacBook.

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