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Which method did you use to get your First Order (POLL)

  • Search
  • Forum
  • Buyer request
  • Self promotion
  • Other

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what is search ? how can seller search for the order ? :confused:

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I just waited for my first order :thinking:


I mean from search result
They may have seen your gig in search and may have clicked it and orderd

now I doubt on other :confused: lol
I just selected other in poll, I got my first order directly from buyer , and I dont know how he reached me…
may be he came to me from search result…


I guess you can enter other or search resluts

yes I just did…

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I did not mean you specifically :smile:

I know :smiley: but I just informed you what I did…but you could rather edit post so other dont get confused

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I just wait for first order

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Me too…have not get any order yet :expressionless:

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So am I
Even I am waiting for first order

I created my fiverr profile & waited few month almost 5 month as i remember. but did not get any orders. one day i change my gig tags. within 20min i got my first order. client is top rated after finish and getting 5 stars. i got orders nonstop then i got job. and fail to complete orders. and got one 1star. everything over ! :frowning:


Well you can always learn something new and I hope the best for your fiverr account

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