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Which mobile device is good for freelancing work, Android or iOS?


I am curious if anyone use smartphone or tablet doing their freelancing work? I am considering buy an Galaxy Note 8 for writing staff. Currently hold an iPhone 6S. What is your thought?


Your best bet for writing is a Windows surface. I use a Surface 2 RT with power cover. You can’t do anything on it but writing and web browsing but its fast, gives me over 10 hours of battery life, and can be picked up on ebay for $150 or less.




$150 is a good deal. In here, the new one is $1200, almost double of two iPad, lol.


A smartphone with Internet access is good for constant communication with clients but I do not believe it can be used for the actual freelancing work. If you are a graphics designer, you cannot use the complete version of the softwares, the mobile devices are not that powerful yet. The same is true for web designers. Also a small screen can be problem, you have to constantly scroll down to view the full content. If you are an article writer, writing and proof reading a 2000 words’ article in an onscreen keyboard can be a hazard, don’t you think so?

Strictly my opinion though, I don’t want to hurt your feelings or anything.


Thanks for sharing your opinion.

P.S Got an iPhone 8 Plus and it seems great. Anyone knows how to get off my data on Galaxy S7 to IP 8?


Only Android Rules !!!


Agree that it is much easier to work with files etc on android. I’ll be going with that next phone I have to buy


Which is the best ? for the latest iPhone x news , and i am going to switch iPhone to Android phone ,