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Which One better-Pausing Gig OR Vacation Mode?

I just want to know that if I need to have some break from tremendous fiverr workload, then what should I select? Is it Pausing Gig or I should On the vacation mode.

Maintaining the good impression and other search results which my Gigs are getting now, what to select actually?

Experts please advise.

Thanks In Advance.


I pause gigs often. I have found that they enter back into the search engines well after you unpause them.

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Would be interesting to get a better answer on how Fiverr handles search ranking with respect to pausing and vacation mode. I’ve heard people say that their search rankings tanked after using vacation mode. If pausing is better, then I’ll use that the next time I’m out of town, but yeah… a clear answer from Fiverr would be great.

I would like to know clear answer too.

I use pause gig option when i only dont want to work for certain gig because vacation mode deactivate all the gigs and when i dont want to work at all i choose vacation mode :slight_smile:

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Actually I am going out of country for 40 days. So, which one to select? pause or vacation. I want my gigs should remain in search engine.

Plz suggest @preetiyoga @landongrace

Pause. You don’t want people messaging you and unable to communicate with you while you are away. Your gigs will enter back into the search engines just fine.

Reply to @jamesbulls: I was concerned also about this. I have paused and unpaused my whiteboard gig atleast half a dozen times over the last 6 months. It enters back into the search results very quickly. It only makes sense. Everyone else’s gigs enter quickly also: New gigs, gigs with no order history, low reviews, bad reviews, etc.

Sometimes, I have paused gigs only to continue to get repeat orders, I sometimes even leave the gig paused for weeks. Continue staying busy. Then there becomes a since of urgency when regulars or first time referrals, convince me to still take there order even though I am paused. This opens the door for even more premium quotes and kind of a VIP treatment. I have had some even express extra thanks that I was able to work them in.

Just wanted to encourage you and say as it continues to grow, it really does develop into something that gets better and better. I appreciate your contribution here and I hope things keep moving well for you! My best months money wise were during level 2. The skies the limit.

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One option I recently found is raising your prices, unless you absolutely do not want to be bothered. But if you are going on vacation just to take care of some other business, or you are overbooked and just need to catch up, edit your gig to raise your prices slightly. This slows things down considerably; but when you do get an order, then it pays for the slowdown.

@sumon770: i suggest pause :slight_smile:

Based on the recent introduced “Response Time”, it is better to use “Vacation Mode” rather than “Pause” as buyer can send messages in Pause mode so your response rate may down.

This is suggested by Fiverr CS.

Have you ever had problems pausing recently? i used to pause my gigs but last month when i try to unpause the translated gig remains paused until i contact customer support to unpause it and sometimes it takes a week for CS to respond…i don’t know if this is a bug or a way fro fiverr for keeping us working with no pausing

I’ve never paused or gone on vacation. What I did do was extend the deadline. 10 days is a long time, but it gave me vital breathing room. Try it! I actually need to shorten my deadlines, but I’ll deal with that another time…

That’s brilliant. I’ll do that when I go on vacation for a week next month.

I used vacation mode and now my gig has been paused because of inactivity! that doesn’t make any sense fiverr. That’s the whole point for been on vacation!

I would not recommend going vacation mode. I am with fiverr from around 2+ years and has activated the vacation mode 2 times. The results were not that good. The first time before going on a vacation mode, I was ranked in the top 5 in fiverr search results, after the vacation mode, it was like in the 30s. I was on another vacation the last 2 months and deactivated vacation mode yesterday. The gig that appeared in top 10 search results for “virtual assistant” was now not even in the list of fiverr search results first page.

So, based on this experience, if you are planning to go on a vacation mode, think twice :wink:

I would suggest talking to your customers and saying you are traveling and wont deliver while you are on vacation, and schedule together a future date.

This way you don’t lose customers, don’t get pushed back on the search engine, and don’t have your account inactive.

You will be postponing all works and will inform that to your customers, you still need to be active on chat if you want to go on this direction.

I thought about doing the vacation mode but after the reviews i have read I will not do it.
Another nice way would be to change your delivery date to after you return.

You do realize you are replying to a thread from 2016?