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Which one better way withdraw money PAYPAL or PAYONEER?

Lowest payment currency rate
Paypal 1.9% transaction
Best option for small payment
Transferred to bank a/c up to 7 days
you have less than $157, then use PAYPAL

PAYONEER: best service
Highest payment currency rate
$3 per transaction
Best option for large payment
Transferred to bank a/c within 24 hrs
You have more than $157. then use PAYONEER

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That’s not necessarily true, PayPlay gives me my money in 24/hours, it’s easy once they get to know you and know your account. I did Direct Deposit with Payoneer, and it took a while. I was freaking out, even wrote Fiverr about it.

Besides, I don’t pay $1.9%, I’m paying a $1.