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Which One is The Best Beer?


Fellows, we are people from all over the world, so what do you say which beer is the best by your opinion?

In my country, the best domestic beer is “Skopsko”, while from the imported beer I would definitely say “Guinness”

Let us hear your opinion. :slight_smile:


Beer… when I drink I just drink Weizenbier (wheat beer) or Dunkelbier over 5% Alcohol (Dark Beer) better with 7-9% alcohol.
The best in my humble opinion:

Andechser Weissbier - hefetrüb

And Andechser Doppelbock Dunkel

But all Beer from Bavaria are just :ok_hand: :ok_hand:

Guinness is OK.

Heineken is like having wet feet inside your shoes… :stuck_out_tongue:

And Budweiser is like watching a boring movie in a stormy Saturday night alone at home :stuck_out_tongue:

Oh… I had time to get into Beer every September in the Oktoberfest…


I’ve never liked beer… it tastes horrible :confused:


Fruit beer

Available in almost every soda shop (soft drink shop) here and 100% free from alcohol.


It looks like sugarcane juice.


Here sugarcane juice looks greenish.


Never had a drop of alcohol in my life…is that good or bad?




Join the “Happy and sober boyz club.”


but I think it is apple juice


Are you really after beer??

Here in Nepal we have a local brand called ‘Gorkha Strong’ with honey as a flavour and it tastes super dope,it’s quite strong though.:beer::beer::beer::beer:


Never really enjoyed beer, taking some pointers from the thread. Might try one.


Haven’t tried any of the beers you have mentioned.

Heineken, it’s meh, it’s not great at all. Amstel is great, Tuborg is good (I call it a beer for “girls”).

I have tried only “Budwiser Budvar” and it wasn’t that bad, but it’s not that good either.

From the German beers, I have tried Schofferhofer, Holtzen, Erdinger which are great, and some other low budget beers that are sold in Lidl/Aldi which aren’t good at all. I also tried “CLAUSTHALER” but I don’t know if you can count that as beer because it’s nonalcoholic.

Peroni is also good beer. Mythos from Greece is also one of the better beers I tried.

When I used to live in the US, I was like 13 years old and haven’t tried any of the American beers and I can’t discuss them.


Beer for girls are silly! :grin::grin:
I may drink sometimes Radler (Beer with Lemon juice) but just when the day is extremely hot!

Have five on that! :wave:
Andechser is in the same level as Erdinger, I consider it a little better though.


Me too. :grin:


We don’t have Andechser in Macedonia. Maybe when I go in Greece this summer, I’ll try to purchase it in some of their supermarkets. In Macedonia we don’t have a lot of beers to chose from. :slight_smile:

Drinking Radler isn’t bad, it’s actually refreshing, at least for me. Schoffenrofer is the best Radler that I have tried.


I’m glad you understand about beer :grin:

If you are curious, you can get Andechser here:



I gained 10 kilos from just tasting beers over the past 6 moths. :slight_smile:

There is no shipping to my country. Even if it is, it would take 10-14 days, by the time it arrives it would be like drinking a piss. LOL