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Which One Is The Button

I would like to order again from a seller, but the seller has been on vacation. I want to let the seller know that I want to order again. Is that rectangle says ˝gig paused˝ the button? I want to notify the seller to notify me when the seller is back.

seller is on vacation.

please contact someone else for the job. :slight_smile:

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@shubh2012 No, I want that seller. It´s bcoz I like the previous work the seller did for me, that´s why I want to order again from that seller.

Click the button to tell them you want to order. Despite the fact they’re on holiday, they will get a message to let them know.

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@offlinehelpers that rectangle greyish button? (in the screenshot).

i am sorry but you can’t. they are on vacation and you can;t order their gig for this period.

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@shubh2012 Yes, yes, I know I can´t now. I am willing to wait until the seller is back. I just want to notify the seller to let me know when not on vacation anymore.


I would think so - where it says ‘click the button above…’


@offlinehelpers kk, i tried, i clicked on that. I hope the message gets through. thanks for the advice :slight_smile:

NB: I only asked coz that greyish rectangle doesn´t look like a button.


No problem - you can always keep going back to their page when it says they’ll be back from their holiday.

Good luck!


TY :slight_smile: (20 characterzzzz, sigh).

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