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Which one is worse in terms of gig ranking, Order Cancellation or Bad Review?

Recently, I had to cancel an order(it was 5$ work) after explaining everything to my buyer. I was wondering which would be better? Cancel the order, or to deliver the work and get a bad review.


Order cancellation if it is under 50$.

Over take the hit and write feedback in return explaining truthfully what happened.

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Hi marinapomorac. Thank you for your reply.
I wanted to know about the difference it makes on gig ranking, when i choose order cancellation over bad review?

I think not even the Fiverr guy who made the code knows what will hapen with GIG ranking.

This is a random delusional sample code that could be relevant to Fiverr code (and not at the same time):

1 IF seller has sales and good rating
2 THEN put seller gig on page RAND () + RAND () -0/ lim2 × log 45
3 IF seller has sales and bad rating
4 THEN put seller gig on page RAND () + RAND () +0/ lim2 × log 45
5 IF seller has no sales and good rating
6 THEN put seller gig on page RAND () - RAND () -0/ lim2 × log 45
7 IF seller has no sales and bad rating
8 THEN put seller gig on page RAND () + RAND () +0/ lim2 × cos 45
9 IF seller doesn’t have account on Fiverr
10 THEN send him promo and ads when he is online


Where did you get this code? Any credible resource?

How to use this code? Can i have the link about how to use this formula?
Thank you in advance.

LOL :crazy_face:

@muhammad_qasim6 @kewalbalkrishna it is not the code, I thought it will be obvious.

No one knows what will happen to GIG ever, in any situation. Anything is possible. It can go up, down, disappear from search, get Fiverr choice badge, all of these are random. And even those that are not random, are still random.


I like how everyone takes your “codes” seriously. :joy:

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Pardon my ignorance, is a website designer supposed to be able to recognize actual code (asking because one of the gentlemen above is a web designer)?


No, but anyone above 5th grade should.
But I also understand what you mean. I will fix my post.


@ [marinapomorac] how to your the code please ?

We about to open up an new gig selling your miracle code for $75. :+1:t3:


@skimo_traffic - marina was joking.

Moving on. Frank_d has suggested that the private feedback buyers give has more effect than the public one. I think he’s right - and bear in mind no one except the buyer has any control over that.

What it boils down to is this: a cancellation fades from stats after 60 days. A bad review stays on your profile forever.

Personally, I prefer to get paid, but if you’re new and have few reviews a bad review can sink your profile.


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