Which One's Correct?


Long story cut short - new gig, one review left, 3 different ‘scores’ depending on where you look.

Which value is contributing to our overall score, and why isn’t it the same in all 3 places when our evaluations are based on decimal points?

Manage sales page: 4.5

Order page: 4.3

Gig page: 4.4

Is anyone else seeing different numbers in different places please? Is it another of these pesky bugs?

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Yes, I noticed that as well. Moved to “Report a bug” :wink:


Thanks @annai80 - wasn’t sure if it was or not. :slightly_smiling_face:


If you inspect the element on the review it says “”…star-rating-s10 rate-9" (edit: though I don’t think the “s10” means out of 10 as there’s an s15 and rate-9 for the overall rating of the gig).
So maybe it’s actually stored somewhere as a 9 out of 10?
Though 5,4,4 averaged would be 4.3333…
Yes maybe different places are rounding it/converting it differently. Or could they have changed their review at some point? Maybe send a bug report to CS.


Nope - one review, not been changed.

I’ve reported it to CS - thank you! :slightly_smiling_face:


:beetle:Looks icky… I’m curious to know what CS says.

Keep us updated!


Based on my Manage Sales page and comparing them to the order page review,
the “manage sales” page always seems to round to the nearest half a star (nearest 0.5), while the actual review is more precise. Basically on my Manage Sales page it always ends in 0.5 or is a whole number.

Manage sales page: 4.5, Order Page, review: 4.3
Manage sales page: 4.5, Order Page, review: 4.7 (except shouldn’t it have rounded up to 5.0 here if it always shows to the nearest 0.5?).

Or maybe the Manage Sales page only takes an average of 2 of the review figures (2 of communication, service, buy again) instead of all 3 and that’s why it’s 4.5 when averaging all 3 would be eg. 4.7).


However it’s calculated/displayed, all 3 of them can’t be right! :wink:


That’s true :slightly_smiling_face:

Fiverr should hire someone (person(s) or company) to audit the main calculation program and sub-programs it uses :wink: