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Which option is the best, transferring money through PayPal or through bank transfer supported by Payoneer?

Hello All! I am a bit confused. I want the best reliable way to transfer my fund from my Fiverr account to a friend account in the US so that I can receive the money in USD. The reason is that Payoneer is really cheating on me. For example, they debit me $3 for each withdrawal plus $10 or more for cross border fee. In this case, Payoneer makes up to 25% profit on every $200. Besides, my country is not accepted in paying in USD in the Payoneer’s policy. So I want to know the best method I can transfer my fund and then receive it in USD in my country. Thanks.

Hello, James.

First off, I am sorry to hear about the charges you’re incurring on every Payoneer withdrawal. Instead of using the card on ATMs that would give you even lower rates than the prevailing market rates (on top of deducting $3.15 towards every such operations), you could use your card to order essentials online instead. If you need the cash at hand, I know people who choose to exchange their money into local currency by selling to these exchangers, or whatever it is they are called.

For PayPal, you need to be sure your friend has not linked their PayPal account to someone else’s Fiverr account. That would give Fiverr the opinion that one of you is operating a double account, and lead to closure of both accounts.

I believe I have been able to help.

Yes, thanks for your tip.