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Which platform can i used if client wants talks with vedio call?

Hi, it it fiverr allow ■■■■■ call with client?

If you read TOS fiverr doesn’t allow any communication or video calls outside of fiverr.

Your clients don’t really need to call you, just ask them to write all details through messages on fiverr


Thanks your feedback…Yes i already read TOC,today I got knock from a buyer and he wants to contact with me with vedio call. (This is my first contact with buyer)

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Just tell your buyer that this is against the Terms of Service which can be found at the bottom of the Fiverr main page.


Thanks for your feedback… I told that


Brand new here, not 10 minutes after I joined I got a message of what I assumed was a SPAMMER, and the first thing they asked was could we port to Sky-p or Google hangouts, and I said no. Because if you go on hangouts - they got your email and now you could get hacked. And I don’t own a video camera and no video camera on my computer, so I wouldn’t do a video chat if you paid me to do that. So if a buyer asked me that - I’d block them and likely tell them to kiss my behind.


Unfortunately, there are many buyers who seem to prey on newbies and try to trick them into all sorts of shenanigans!


Well lucky for me, I may be a new freelancer here, but I’m not new, I’ve been freelancing since 2008, and I ran my own graphic design studio, concurrently when I started freelancing and since 1994 before that. So I cannot be easily tricked by anyone - no shenanigans for me. I’m not so desperate for gigs that I’d take anything. I am measured in my response to anyone - I actually assume a trick is being attempted by everybody, until they offer enough clues to make me believe otherwise.


That is not a buyer. That is someone who wants to take advantage of you.