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Which platform or forum will be most helpful to promote GIG?


I noticed sometimes automatically my gig get better view , but sometimes very lower, Can you suggest me , which platform or forum will be better to promote my GIG


Fiverr Experience > My Fiverr Gigs is the section you can start with. There’s no tell-tell way to guarantee views as everyone has their own approach. You can try creating a blog and demonstrating your knowledge and skills via blog posts.

When it comes to blog posts don’t over do it with the advertising of your gigs as that’s a sure fire way to get readers to click off of the page. Try to post every few days or so with something useful that relates to what you do. It doesn’t sound like much but it should help you get things kick started a bit.


Thank you so much …


This may help you: Marketing Yourself - Just Do It - Here’s How - UPYOUR


Thank you so much …