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Which portfolio URL should we use in Fiverr

Recently, while creating a gig, I have used my blog URL on as my portfolio URL.
Fiverr told me to remove that URL.

But according to this link: " "
Fiverr allows adding Portfolio URL from “”.

But I don’t understand why they told me to remove my link from Gig description now. Does anyone in the Fiverr community forum know the reason?

Thank you


Huh… Are you sure it was that specific URL that was flagged?
There was a thread I saw recently where someone missed adding a space to the end of a sentence and this resulted in what looked like a URL address. ( …as you know.It was… )

This is just a guess, but maybe it’s worth hunting for?


Check this post: Gig removed because I linked to my portfolio on BLOGSPOT?


Thank you very much to you both @imagination7413 and @lloydsolutions. But the issue had been solved. I talked to the support and finally, they approved my Gig.

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Can I give my portfolio link when I send buyer request?
as like as —

they have denied my gig for using and customer service’s are not changing their decision. what should i do? i was using this link social Media Kit - Graphic Trends