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Which projects need for PRO FIVVER?

I have a question about the questionnaire on PROFIVVER. There is such a graph as-a link to your project. but what if the projects I participated in don’t have websites or don’t allow me to disclose their data?


Maybe @frank_d can answer this question. He is a PRO seller.


It’s been 3 years since I filled out that questionnaire and I’m sure the version I went through wasn’t as extensive as the current one.

I also don’t fully understand.

If @lyubavalea wants to expand on the issue I would gladly help.


I think there was a different form of questionnaire a couple of years ago. I watched the video guide six months ago and the questionnaire was already different then. I don’t understand. in the questionnaire there is a point-give a link to the project in which you participated. But what if the project was offline? For example, a regular printed book.

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Oh OK. I see what you mean.

And there’s just a box for a text link?

Any way you can host a file on your end and link to it?

Even a gdrive or Dropbox.

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it was text link. I don’t remember being able to upload a file there. There are several fields - a link to the project’s website, how much money you received (select the amount) , and a text field to describe exactly what you did in the project.

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You misunderstood.

I said upload to Dropbox, produce a link and type in said link.

Not upload a file.

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Oh, I will try. thanks you for help