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Which promotion methods are allowed for Fiverr gig promotion?



I want to know which promotion method is allowed for fiverr gig promotion from followng:


Youtube video

Other if you can suggest




Reading the Fiverr Terms of Service would answer all of your questions about this. You can promote your gigs through any media unless it is forbidden by the Fiverr ToS or the ToS of a third party. In the case of Adwords, it is clearly spelled out in Fiverr’s rules:

“Sellers may not promote their Gigs or any Fiverr content via the AdWords platform.”

YouTube is not forbidden by ToS, has no prohibition by YouTube, plus it’s recommended in the Fiverr URL list. Just do some research and you’ll find info on any media you are interested in.


You can promote your gig or gigs on any social media platform such as Facebook. You can even promote them on your blog(if you have one).




Where can I read fiverr terms ?



You can read Fiverr’s Terms of Service here :arrow_down:

Fiverr ToS


Keep in mind that running ads on youtube is a violation of TOS, since Youtube Ads are a part of Adwords.


Thanks. Got it. Can I link my direct Gig url or main profile url on youtube?


Yes you can ddddddddd


I have promoted on social media but I dont find quality traffic in groups. Any suggestion?


Probably run (video) ads on facebook, instagram, snapchat?


Do you mean paid ads on social media? Is that allowed?


Yes, besides adwords. Also,use buyer requests, and you can even have your own website that you promote that links to your fiverr page as well.

Just some ideas to help you…


Thanks. I will try this.


Thanks for the information.