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Which quality do you love to have?



Everyone is composed of certain qualities.
We all are well aware of our qualities.I do love that I’ve a loooot of patience MashAllah,I don’t get hyper on anyone in any situation.
Which quality do you love to have?
I’d love to hear from you.


Patience is one of the golden quality that you have.
I also choose first patience then hard work and then flexible that could make you a successful one.


,I don’t get hyper on anyone in any situation.This is key to managing any difficult situation


No doubt. To be honest, dealing with people here make me patient.
I was so rude in nature before I come in field :confused:So again thanks to fiverr .:grinning:




and what about you


I wish I had more patience :confused: I’m usually good at keeping my impatience to myself and not acting on it, but I don’t have very much patience for people at all. One quality I have that really like is confidence. Even if I’ve never done something, I always feel confident that I’ll be able to figure it out. Like when my toilet started leaking, I just did some research, realized it was probably the wax ring and then proceeded to unbolt the toilet from the floor. My husband stopped me and insisted we call a plumber. He’s not as brave as me :stuck_out_tongue: lol But yeah, that’s one quality that I like having. No matter the situation I’m like “I got this” :slight_smile:


Patience is the most important thing in this world :smile_cat:


Do you have?


ya i hv thats why i am waiting for first order from 2


all in my life, do you ?


I wish I were intelligent and tolerant.


Ahn that means you are increasing your expertise and personality. that sound great. :grin:


Hahahaha That’s funny.
-[quote=“jenihiggs, post:7, topic:144454”]
One quality I have that really like is confidence

Aww I wish to be confident.
Its a really hard job for me to present in front of audience. Butterflies start to fly in my stomach when I go to stage in University LOL


I don’t know. Social skills, I guess, dealing with people, public speaking etc.


I’m sure you don’t have patience,is it? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


same here. :grin: you are talking about university presentation that is really hard. i can’t face even my formal friend.:grin: kind of very shy.


No, I get irritated and angry very fast, especially when someone does something wrong to me. I am very sensitive and pick up insults very quickly even when it is not obvious. Not on Fiverr forum, LOL, but in real life. I have been remarkably patient with Emmaki, I think :laughing:


Where is she BTW?


Yes,I’m talking about university presentations.Ugh