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Which services trending?

which service is trending at this moment on Fiverr?


I think SEO and Ecommerce Website


the service youre good in will be trending :slight_smile:


I agree with @annachristinew, Fiverr is not a place where you come and sell your services in trending categories. Fiverr is a marketplace where you create gigs for the services YOU are good at, and can complete to a high level of professionalism. Trending doesn’t matter when determining what to sell. What matters most is what YOU can provide on a professional level to other people.

Buyers don’t come here looking for trending services, they come here looking for sellers who can provide services to match their needs.


Are you asking so you can sell it regardless of your proficiency in it? Don’t do that.

No one who knows this is going to share it because then they would lose business to new competitors.

And a trend is irrelevant unless you suitable to the people who buy.


Why is it matter? Even if the particular service is trending, do you have the actual skills or experiences to ride the trend? Let’s say you found out that software design looks like in demand, do you think by taking 1-2 days looking at free youtube tutorial or cheap udemy courses will prepare yourself to do orders? You will compete with sellers with an actual professional skills and you wouldn’t get any further.

Instead of that, ask yourself what you actually good at and see if you’re competent enough for people to pay you.


I agree though there might be times when it might be worth learning new skills depending on what services are trending. If no one is really interested in one service any more and someone has the skills or can train for some other service that they would be good enough in, it’s probably worth doing.

Fiverr had a slide thing quite a while ago and logo design was always one of the top ones. I think SEO was one of them.

But trending services don’t tell you anything really about the competition/profitability of each service.

I just found the page about it. Fiverr’s slide thing no longer exists but on the most recent frame (where it showed data for October 2019) it showed:

Logo Design (for currently the most popular), then SEO, Wordpress, Social media Marketing & Design,
Illustration, Photo Editing, Articles & Blog Posts, Voice Over, Web Programming etc.


… but those categories are also the most competitive - 100s of thousands in graphic design alone …


be professional in your skill and make it a trend . best of luck

I’m not sure there being a lot of sellers in a particular category/subcategory is necessarily that bad (as long as the person who wanted to sell in that cat/subcat had skills in it that were good enough).

It will depend on if there are enough orders to go around in that subcategory (eg. are there a high enough average number of reviews for gigs in that category - and are the reviews quite evenly distributed amongst sellers there rather than only going mostly to some sellers).

Though it will be easier to be found in a subcategory with much less sellers. So that would probably help a lot.

But apart from skills, profit/revenue per hours worked in a particular type of service would be helpful rather than just the most trending/popular service/subcategory.

My point is that just because demand is trending doesn’t mean that new sellers in particular will attract any orders.

Which is kinda what you said … sorta …


Being a needle in a haystack is bad business. You are likely not discoverable and people aren’t looking for you, anyway.

And no one values you because you’re dispensable, a dime a dozen.

Like I said, not necessarily. You can still be in a subcategory with a lot of competition and it should be okay as long as there are a high enough number of orders coming in to that subcategory and as long as the orders are spread evenly enough (which they might not be).

eg. Logo Design, despite being the most popular (or one of the most popular) if it has a high average no. of reviews per gig (which I think it does) and if they’re spread evenly enough amongst the sellers it still could be worthwhile having a gig there if you’re good enough at it to keep getting orders.

Though I agree it will be easier to find a seller if there are much fewer sellers in a certain subcategory. But that won’t help much if there aren’t enough buyers for that subcategory.

But we don’t know $ earned/profit per hour like I said. It’s probably best (as long as you have the skills) to go with the highest profit per hour.

I think this is not one trending platform. but you can do your best of your field. then you can succesful

That isn’t how competition works, though, unless most sellers are so busy they can’t take in new clients and buyers go with whatever they can get. That doesn’t happen on Fiverr. The supply always exceeds the demand here.

A needle in the haystack doesn’t become more discoverable or more attractive just because there are a lot of buyers. People still go with what is most accessible and most suitable.

If what is suitable had high demand, but low competition that’s different. I’m in very competitive subcategories/keywords but I get work because my value proposition is different and I’m more credible and I’m targeting niches.

High demand/low competition is what makes you viable, not high demand/high competition, especially when supply exceeds demand.

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