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Which should be the conversion rate?

In the Sales Analytics there is the conversion rate, and I really would like to figure out which should be the best one? Thanks!

I don’t know maybe a TRS can Explain. or the Admin Fonthaunt?

It doesn’t matter much at all what it is. So much depends on how much competition there is. Also the most important thing when you get a sale is if the buyer also orders extras. If your impressions are low you need a higher conversion rate to make sales. There are much more important things.
I wouldn’t think about the conversion rate unless it was much less than 2% in which case it’s time to improve your gig.

Thank you for your reply. So the conversion rate depend also of the extras that the buyer order…Interesting. Thanks!

Conversion ratio can tell you a number of things, but the most useful thing you can take from it is effectiveness of your ad copy. Generally speaking, if you have good ad copy that does an effective job of capturing attention and steering buyers toward a sale, then your conversion ratio will be higher. If your conversion ratio is low and you’re not swamped in work, then this means you need to optimize your gig and re-write your ad copy.

Thank you so much for this information!

As my sales increased my conversion rate decreased. Why?
Because my impressions increased by about 10 times. At first I had very few impressions.
I don’t pay any attention to my conversion rate. It was more important when I was a new seller.

It’s an important factor. Helpful for those, who have high traffic gigs, Means if you have 100 views per day and not getting even 5 orders, Then you should take some serious action on you gig, Modify your gig image, description to some thing better.

There are many more factors to increase this.

My gig got featured and convertion rate became like 15 percent, but I still got a lot of orders. Just don’t worry about it, and work on your orders

Yes, I can definitely agree, sales and repeat buyers should be your indicating factor of success! :smiley:

This is an excellent point, but I think that many simply don’t figure it out immediately and then think they have a big, even growing problem on theirs hands.

The only thing it shows is how targeted the traffic too your gig is. That’s all.
If you paste your gig URL in a forum post on a tripple x-rated adult website you will have thousands of visitors and zero sales, because you targeted the wrong audience.

If you target the right audience your conversion rate will be higher.

Once you have the right visitors, it can be an indicator if your gig description a.s.o. is appealing enough.

However, don’t stare you blind on that number.

That is all.