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Which Skills are going to be in Demand 2021

Hi there. I’m offering Video editing and haven’t got any client yet. I was wondering which skill is not saturated yet so I learn that and establish in that category. Maybe there are fields of my interest that i am not yet aware.


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Cyber Security, provided you can be expert in it.

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Don’t run out for peoples skill. Every Skillful man has a Value. So Skilled in a Sector. As you told you are skillful in video editting. So I think Your gig is not good enough. So make your GIG qualityfull. Look and research others gig and compare with others.

Hope you got it.



What are you actually proficient in? Answer that question, then do a search on Fiverr for different keywords or look under those categories to see how many sellers are currently offering services there.

Don’t make Gigs in categories you have no business in because you cannot do the work.



Thanks for the response. Finally got an order. I think i am gonna stick with the video editing. I find that i become really creative when editing my own videos.

That’s a good question.

Based on some of the work I’ve been hired to do over the past three months I would say that skills related to working remotely (work-from-home) will be in demand.

This would include such things as the ability to use teleconferencing tools (Zoom, GoToMeeting, Ring, etc.) and time management.

I’m sure that isn’t close to what you were hoping for, but there’s an honest answer to your question.

Social Engineering is going to be in demand for 2021.