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Which social media i share my gig most


please tell me anyone which social media i share my gig many and more
please help me



Hi There,
First of All, read the Fiver policy for a thorough understanding.
You can use Facebook, as facebook allows a better searching algorithm to her users. I recommend increasing your followers and urging your followers on facebook to buy your services from fiver.
LinkedIn can be used also, you can join fiver groups on LinkedIn, keep your profiles up to date and engage in the groups.
Other platforms you can use would be Behance, Twitter, Instagram. All these help alot in increasing your sales.
You can reply to my comment for more info and real time fiver sellers marketing themselves on social media.
Thanks for the patience




It doesn’t matter which the social media site… share your gig where you have maximum followers, so that your gig can reach to maximum people and they view your gig.



To play devils advocate, I always wonder if this really helps and if it does, how much. I have talked to several successful sellers who say they do NO off site promotions and only focus on Fiverr.

There are times I’m curious and will use a backlink checker to see if I can find any gigs that have any backlinks. Rarely do I find any.

Don’t get me wrong, please do what you think is right, but I wish I could find more proof that off line promotion really helps…if anything…I have not seen where it does.


please tell me anyone how i can get order in fiverr i am new here and which social media i share my gig many and more
plz help me friends




You are correct…Some promotions are not allowed in FB


I don’t think you should be offering writing gigs. In your gig description it says “perfect grammar” but just by reading your short post I can tell that’s not true. If you want to get orders here, be sure to offer something you a vert good at.


Also use the buyer request section always


To be honestly, The sharing gig on different plateforms doesn’t work to generate more sales, it just gets more impressions and clicks nothing else, I use buyer requests section and seriously it helps me to get more orders. So as a friend i will suggest you to try Buyer Requests option!



Well I usually share my gig with Facebook, twitter and also Instagram and also my website.

I hope all the best to you!


We suggest twitter or facebook :slight_smile:


I have found twitter ad to be very very helpful. Paid ads also works very well


thanks all


yeah That is correct.


Think about it inversely, if I were a buyer who is looking to hire freelancers for a specific task, where will I go? Will I go to a social media site like Facebook or Twitter, or will I head to sites like fiverr where I can find skilled professionals for the task at hand?

Of course, that doesn’t mean that social media sites like Facebook and linkedin don’t get us any clients. In fact, as freelancers, we should try to keep multiple avenues open for sales. However the strategy at social media sites is a bit different.

The primary motivation of a user of facebook/twitter/linkedin is healthy and knowledgable DISCUSSION. So your interaction should start from there. If I want to sell services on CRM software, the facebook group I should be joining is not Wordpress or SugarCRM, but rather, CRM or entrepreneurship in general. No one comes to Facebook in order to buy YOUR SERVICE OR PRODUCT. They need to know YOU first and you should communicate the message or importance of your gig if you sense an opportunity during the conversation.


I researched about this and found paid adds of Facebook and Twitter both are working well for this. You can use any of these.