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Which social media is beeter for gig marketing

I need to know which social media platform are better for gig marketing,

Facecbook. twiter linkdin Google plus Reddit.


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There is no one right answer to your question. Instead, I tell people this: Go where your target customers are located. If your customers are on Facebook, then take out ads on the Facebook advertising platform. If your target customers are on Twitter, post on Twitter.

It is unwise to try and find an easy answer, because there is none. Advertising is not easy, and it requires significant research, targeting, and persistence. If the only thing that matters to you is immediate results, then, I’m afraid, you will be deeply disappointed. Be willing to work; be patient, and expect your marketing to take time. THAT is the only way you will be successful when it comes to marketing and promoting your gigs.


thank you so much for share your opinion

It’s not an opinion… it’s proven fact. :wink:


thanks for your valuable help

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Of course you’ll always get variation in results but I’d say that Reddit, Google plus and linkdin aren’t really the best places to advertise.

Twitter and Facebook are probably the two main ones that you should be considering. They’ll get you the most likely chance of increasing your impressions and sales.


thank you thank you so much

I’m glad I could help.

I’ll also point out that Reddit, Google Plus and linkdin can be useful, but past experience has shown to me that the user base are much less likely to go and visit your fiverr gigs if you promote yourself on these websites.


i created a reddit account today and i am waiting for next day and how i get more trafic in my gig

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Good luck. When I tried out Reddit it didn’t really work for me. I love reddit as a site (and had been using it years before I joined fiverr) but it just never worked out when I tried to promote my gigs through reddit.

Hopefully you have more success though. :sun_with_face:

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Like I said, make sure you are connected to your target customers on your chosen social media site. Just posting “buy from me” messages will NOT drive traffic. You NEED to be communicating with your customers. Only your customers – the people who specifically need your services – will buy from you.

I hate to say this, but in most cases – for most people – they are not connected to their target customers on social medial. Plastering random, untargeted links is NOT marketing.


All of them are good.

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How can I get my targeted customer

You’re going to have to figure out who they are on your own. I’m not going to do your market research for you.

It really depends on your target customer segments.

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my targeted customer is #WordPress related but i can’t found theme do you have any idea?