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Which Social Media is best platform for Gig marketing?

Please any body can help me to gig marketing.

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I only use Twitter to promote my gigs, because this is where I will find people that might be looking for what I do. Facebook is friends only and LinkedIn is for my offline content writing business.


Thanks your informative sharing

There is no one answer to your question. There is no one social media platform that will guarantee success. Go where your customers are – no matter what the platform may be. And if your customers aren’t on a certain platform, don’t expect that your marketing there will yield many results.

The only people that will purchase your services are your target customers.


facebook is the best for sure if you know some tricks

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Twitter works for me!

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I suggest Quora is best for gig marketing. Because in this platform you get huge traffic. I saw Fiverr learn the free course.

Twitter is not bad if you have properly marketed the gig

Someone recommends LinkedIn. I’ve started with that so far this year. I will see what happens after three weeks.

I wasted a lot of time on Quora because of what Fiverr say (and you get banned on Quora if you advertise Fiverr gigs in posts).

I gave answers that are sill being shared, yet no one wants to actually do anything related to the Q they ask. It is even more of a fool’s paradise than Fiverr.


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