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Which social media platform help you to get orders?

Hello everyone!
I want to know, which social media platform helps you to get orders on Fiverr??

I have tried Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest(mostly Facebook)
I have found a result on Facebook, I got three orders on Facebook.

What’s your experence🤔


It’s depend on your skill.If you have client on Social media and share your gig there then you will get order.But social media marketing all time dose not worked.But try to marketing your gig.


I completely agree with both of those.

I never post my Gigs on Social Media - I have no use for it and I don’t want to spam people unneccessarily.


When I had my gigs, none. There’s no social media platform that you can advertise your gig on without issue. The first and last that I advertised a gig I got hit with spam from users that despise fiverr and fiverr users that spam their links all over the place.

Mind you, this was posted on my personal page and nowhere else. Yet, these individuals felt compelled to swamp that one post with flaming spam. It also doesn’t help to see fiverr seller links posted everywhere they should not be.

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For me, none.

As a general rule, the social media platform where you have the strongest following and are recognised as a professional. So, for 99.9% of sellers on this platform, none.


I don’t use any social media pltofrms to get orders

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