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Which Social Media Platform Is Best To get Traffic On your Gigs


I am not using any Social media uptill now to get Traffic on my Gigs.I heard about Google plus that It is very Big platform to get traffic.Can Anyone Here Let me know How Can it be Useful for me.
Thanks In advance :slight_smile:


I believe Quora. As i have used it


The best platform is the one where your target audience is at. If you don’t know it then you should start with that and then you’ll know where and how to promote your service.


How was Your experience of that


Thanks I will try to find


You promote on Gig social networks
There is no problem at all on the big stage
Your need will be met


Share your gig on social media as like Twitter LinkedIn Facebook those will be help for you to get more impression best wishes for you :point_right::point_right::point_right:


Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Youtube


Pinterest there are huge customers…


You should share you gig link and post on that platform and you have to maintain also good relationship on the that platform and you have to maintain TOS / PP of that platform

I am getting more view on my gig / but not getting sell :’(


I’d say a local forum is the best place. Social media is overcrowded these days and it does not work. Find a small community, a forum of some kind, from your country or nearby neighboring countries, get close to people, help the community, and you’ll get recognised is what’ll happen, I reckon. Cheers.