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Which social media platform is the best for advertising?

Which social media platform do you find to be the best for advertising your gigs? Do you think social media is helpful or unnecessary? I’ve never tried to promote my gigs on Instagram or Pinterest but I’m curious if someone has and if it’s a good idea?

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Instagram
  • Pinterest
  • Other, I’ll put in the topic what I think is the best

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Someone who is an expert at using Facebook probably could make that one work, but it would take some real knowledge of how to go about it.

Twitter is all about people trying to promote themselves rather than exploring new places to buy things in my opinion. However, it would be possible to make that one work well for you IF you had thousands of dedicated followers and the right type of gig.

You also left out Youtube which has some real possiblities. It all depends on the type of gig you have and if you have followers. If someone just wants a proofreader for example, I doubt that any type of social media would promote that.


That’s a good way to put it for Twitter.
I’ve researched and studied in business/entrepreneurship that Instagram and Pinterest are the platforms people are exploring to buy but I don’t know how this would necessarily correlate with a fiverr gig being advertised.
I never considered Youtube for Fiverr. That’s smart. Actually it would be a great platform for voice over artist in my opinion.

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I’ve never used a social media platform. I tried Instagram but im a writer so pictures aren’t really necessary for me. :yellow_heart::grinning:

I think it all depends on what you sell.
Artist- Instagram
Writer- Blogs or Writing Pages on Facebook
Tutors, communication, etc- YouTube
But I would go with whatever YOU know best too, because if you are comfortable with the platform then you will know how to use it and make it look professional. I suppose I didn’t really answer anything… I’m sorry!


I think it is insightful even though there isn’t a particular answer. . :smile:
The platform I know the best is Instagram and I do help clients with it.
And since I do social media design , it’s very visual. I suppose it’s not harmful to try it!

I am driving traffic to a particular Gig using Facebook ads at present. It takes a while to start seeing an increase in clicks but it does work.

I’m no expert but as @misscrystal said, someone who is an expert at using Facebook probably could make it work much better. :slight_smile:


I’ve used Facebook’s advertising to great success over the years (across all of my projects). @misscrystal is right, though, for best results, you do need to understand how the platform works. But it is, most definitely, possible to see results from that ad platform.


Every social media is good for advertising. So keep advertising your profile and gigs.


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I would say YouTube and perhaps Quora (if that counts.) Really, though, forums have worked best for me but that is a slow way to grow a following if you do it right.

You have to find forums related to your own expertise and start out by just getting to know people and contributing info. Over time when people get to know you and you become part of their communities, you may be able to lightly advertise or people may just ask what you do.

Doing that has brought me about a third of my early business, but I mostly stopped due to time. It generally works best on discussion forums that are not about selling things (like writing, art, etc.) instead of forums like this one where people all want to sell something.


@idostuff4u & @jonbaas
Thank you for the further insight on Facebook ads. Curious, if you want to answer, how long do/ did you run your ad for at a time?

I’m definitely going to look into forums, I love participating in them and the bonus is being able to get potential clients! Thank you for sharing what you think is best :smile:

That depends upon your own personal marketing goals. I’ve run ads for 1, 3 days, and a week. Keep in mind, though, Facebook ads have many ways to target your audience. The only way to know what works for YOU and YOUR promoted project is to test out a low-cost ad, see what kind of results you get, and then scale that up if successful. :slight_smile:


Google plus works for me

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Thank you again! :smile:

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I really apologize for saying this. But, the question itself is not in proper context…
Let me explain.
It’s like asking : Which car is the best to drive ?
My answer would be : No car is the “best” to drive. Because it depends on what we are looking for. Are we looking for speed or comfort or less engine noise or maximum accidental related security or a combination of a few of these or some more aspects ?
It’s the same with social media advertising. There is no “best” platform. It depends on the niche you want to advertise, it depends on your conversion goals, it depends on the target audience that you desire, and a lot more.
For one niche with one particular conversion goal, LinkedIn may be the best.
Yet, for the very same niche, but with another conversion goal, Facebook may be the best.
So, there is no "best’ social media advertising platform in generality, as suggested by your question.
I really apologize from the bottom of my heart for saying this. I have absolutely no intentions of offending you.
But, I am sure that atleast 1 person(if not more) who is deep into social media advertising would agree with me that your question is not in proper context.


I do understand where you’re coming from and I could have worded it differently.

When I said “you” I really did mean what did others find was best for them. I know it was a generalized question. My wording could have been better but I saw it went down a different path and I did want to know what others had to say. I mostly wanted to know thoughts for Instagram and Pinterest since I have never personally advertised there. Rather than creating the ad, I wanted to know what people thought the best one was with Fiverr gigs. The best length to run the ad, etc. And now I realize just because it’s a Fiverr gig doesn’t mean it’s tailored toward a general audience. If I take the Fiverr aspect out of it, it is my own niche, that I should focus on and Fiverr is just the platform I sell on.
The recommendations and insights were helpful though of course. In case any of that didn’t sound like I thought that.

Thank you for your input and for others who see this, I’m sure it will be helpful for them to notgeneralize social media advertising. It’s not what’s the best but rather target their niche and the audience that goes with it first. :slight_smile:

Hi there!

Yours are very visual gigs, so possibly Instagram and Pinterest? Also you could put together samples in a video compilation or two on YouTube - these can also be shared on your other social media platforms.

Good luck! :slightly_smiling_face:

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i think facebook. because i have use facebook for advertisement of my gigs and i get a good response.

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Facebook may be ideal for your niche (gigs) and may not be for some other niches.

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Facebook is the best social media platform for advertising!

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