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Which social media you find more helpful for promoting your gigs?


Hello Fiverrs! Greetings from Greece! I would like to hear your opinion about which social media you think is the most helpful for sharing your gigs? I am thinking to create Facebook account and i want your opinion.

Maria S.


I haven’t share my gigs on social media to get orders from their .I have just shared and sharing for ranking purpose :wink: .You can choose twitter … It is the best .


So did this worked for you?

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Check this out:

This may be helpful to you: Marketing Yourself - Just Do It - Here's How - UPYOUR


Oh that is great thanks for sharing.

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As I told you that I haven’t tried to get order from social media . I have tried and trying to rank up . And it is working … But just sharing social media is not all things… You have to find out more way to get more orders .

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Yes of course. There are many ways but promoting is a great way to show your work out there. Ok so twitter? Well why not? :slight_smile:


Yes you can choose twitter …And you have to find out the market which is used by your targeted audience.Do some research …Work by planing…Because just working is not all things .You have to work with proper way… Like as if I want to promote my photography website design then I will choose Instagram… Now do some research…

Best Of Luck

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Yes i see your point. Thank you. Good luck to you too

Maria S.

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You are welcome…:grinning:

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For me creating Youtube Channel was a great thing.
After creating youtube channel and showing my portfolio there, my sales really got increased :slight_smile:

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