Which Social platform is safe for Paid Gig Marketing?


i am interest to paid marketing for my gig so i am not understand what platform is safe for this. please anybody give me best tips for this. thank you


Facebook offers a paid advertising program. Perhaps you might look into that.


i wanted to know fiverr to allow paid marketing for social site?


No, you cannot use paid advertising programs on Fiverr.


Can I Get My Gig Paid Marketing On Facebook?


Facebook has a paid marketing program. That is the only paid ads program that Facebook allows on their site.


can you provide link that fiverr allow to paid marketing rules?


Please up your mind. Are you trying to find a Fiverr paid marketing program (of which there is none), or are you still asking about the Facebook paid ads program?


yes paid ads correct


Is it against of fiverr TOS to do paid marketing on facebook with my facebook fan page?
and how can i do it? can you please suggest me.
It will be a great help


Facebook allows you to pay for ads for your fiverr gigs on their site. It is not against fiverr terms of service to advertise your gigs anywhere.

Trying to teach someone how to do facebook advertising is a subject that is beyond the scope of the fiverr forum.

You can find youtube videos on this subject, or search on google for information on it.


Can i do paid marketing on facebook with my facebook fan page?


YES for heavens sake yes


Thank you so much for your valuable suggestion


There sure are a lot of “valuable suggestions” being tossed around the forum. :wink:

I wonder what a “worthless suggestion” looks like? :stuck_out_tongue: