Which Social Site is best for GIG Marketing?


Which Social Media Site is best for gig marketing and what strategy you follow?? I am looking for the response from the top rated seller on fiverr. Please show us the way!!

Thank You


Facebook Fiverr gig groups are the best way for driving traffic to your gigs. There are numerous such groups with lots of members who are looking for great services. Bookmarking Sites like Reddit and StumbleUpon are not good as they don’t allow Fiverr gigs there.


I have my own dedicated website for my Fiverr services.

It’s hard to squeeze lots of promotional stuff in any of the social media sites, unless you’re buying ads or you’re already set up your brand. People hate ads, but they hate spams more.

Making my own website and doing my own SEO on it at least increase exposure of my Fiverr services.


Reply to @sirius88: Thank you for your suggestion, but i think this method only increase traffic not any sell!


Reply to @willpower_hk: Your idea is fantastic, but its take times for making website and do seo.


I will need to learn more on how to market gigs via social media


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