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Which software do you use for doing stopmotions?


Hi All!!

I wanted to know which software do you use for your stopmotion and other video editing needs.

Currently i am using windows movie maker because that is free and fulfills my need.

I wanted some suggestions from members doing well in video editing.

Thank you :slight_smile: :slight_smile:


I haven’t really started doing any on fiverr. I noticed there were many doing it. Even fivvers on here using some templates I have sold on another site. Personally I don’t believe there is anything better than “Adobe After Effects.” The software just has so much more editing capability in my opinion.


“Adobe After Effects” is a great program, but a bit complicated if you’ve never before worked in programs for editing.I advise you to try “Sony Vegas” because it is much simpler.


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I think flash is the greatest tool for all your animation needs, it has an easy interface, it allows super fast workflow, it supports many picture formats and even exports quality videos even in non swf-form. If you want something that is a bit like the old windows movie maker (the one that supports clean timeline editing) I suggest that you look up cyberlink powerdirector. It’s compact and easy and even supports chroma keyeing. Oh and since you are after stopmotion, pdr has a feature that lets you drop all the frames into the timeline and automatically set the frame duration for every image that you’ved placed. Fast huh?! Good luck!


Thank you guys!!