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Which things you should include in your Fiverr Pro application?

I research Fiverr pro because most of the seller is interested to know about Fiverr pro. I research it from google and Fiverr blog.
Fiverr Pro is a feature introduced by Fiverr to help highly skilled sellers standout from the crowd and also, help buyers who are in search of highly skilled professionals to get jobs done.
When it does come time to go Pro, you have to complete an application. Take your time to complete the application with accurate and detailed information. Use the free text fields for your advantage. Don’t be shy about promoting yourself. Include information about yourself and your business. If you have employees, talk about their various skills and how they help you complete your projects.
Don’t just tell them about your skills. Show them. Share links to various items in your portfolio for work done for both Fiverr and external clients.
If you are social, prove it to them. It’s not required that you be an influencer in social following in order to join Pro. This information is very helpful in verifying your identity and will speed the process along.

Finally, describe your creative process in detail. If you use specific software to create your work, share it in the application so they can better understand your workflow and what a buyer might expect when purchasing a Gig from you.

I think this information will be helpful for new sellers who don’t know about Fiverr pro.


Don’t you think someone who has completed the form and got accepted should write an article on the entire process?

I was one of the very first sellers who got accepted before the Pro feature was launched and I wouldn’t even know where to start if I was to write an article that would prove helpful to other sellers considering the jump.

Plus you didn’t seem to do a thorough job, research wise.


Thank you for sharing your things. I will research again about it.

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If I may ask and if you are willing to share: Do they ask for a live portfolio or source files? I mean, will they ask for the source files? I ask because those are under contract, like KFC menu templates and fonts they really care about and specifically asked not to disclose any information or files in our contract. Most of the big contracts I can “brag” about have confidentiality clauses I cannot disclose. Also, do I need to provide the phone numbers/email addresses for those companies? How do they know how to contact the right department that can vouch for me? It’s not like you can send an email and expect a big company to provide details about their collaborations. How does this work? :slight_smile: The reason I asked is to figure out if it’s worth sending an application or not, based on these “issues” I have.


No, they don’t ask for source file.

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Or you know, don’t. There’s probably nothing you can contribute since you are not a Pro seller.


In my humble opinion those are not “issues”.

If you want to go to the next level and you feel confident about your work, there’s no other step to take other than applying.

The longer you wait, the less chance you have of getting in, as applications are plentiful but they only allow 1% in. And I think they are currently not accepting applications on saturated categories.

Now to answer your questions, they never ask for source files. They need to see your work published. They won’t ask to contact any of your clients either, but they will interview you via video chat if your work is good enough and they will ask you questions about your process and speak pieces of work.

Having case studies instead of a portfolio helps a lot.


Great, then I think I can apply. I can replicate any of my work live hand-drawn if they need.
Thanks for the insights.