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Which type of gig is more sale in fiverr?

Hello Everyone,
I am new in the Fiverr marketplace.
I am a graphic designer.
Which type of gig is more sale in this Section?
Please everybody, help me…???


Don’t try to find the “easy money” gigs. Create gigs for the skills that YOU have, not what you think will make you the quickest money.


The answer to this is - a gig which revolves around the skill(s) that you are good at. Just make gigs based on these skills and you will have the best chance of making the most sales you possibly can.

Don’t make a gig in some random category just cuz you may have noticed a huge volume of orders there. If you do that, you will obviously not be able to do a good job and your unhappy customers will leave bad ratings and negative reviews which will tank your profile/account.

Good luck!