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Which types of edits cause your gig to go for review?


I’m a frequent gig editor. I’m continually working on improving my services and the way I present them. Most of the time this has no effect on whether my gig appears in search or not. On two occasions however, my editing my gig made it disappear from search results. After waiting a week for them to come back, I contacted customer service and they fixed it.

Sooo, I just got my gig back, but want to make an edit… doh!

If I recall correctly, I believe the changes that cause my gig to go for review were changing my image, and the second time for changing the tags.

I would like to get a definitive answer.

What I’m thinking is: Tags, and Image. I might be wrong, but I may have even changed the title without it dropping from search before.

Thank You!


I don’t think there’s a definitive answer :confused:

Recently I simply added the word “chosen” to one of my Extras’ title, and my gig was removed from search for editorial review for 3 days, which makes no sense!

I think that any change whatsoever will affect a gig, but each change probably has a different weight associated. In the past I was told that small edits shouldn’t affect a gig, but my above example proves that this is not the case anymore.


three days is acceptable to me. both times mine has gone for review it lasted at least a week :frowning: When that type of thing happens it feels like it will never come back unless I contact customer service (which is what I tend to do).


That’s why I never edit my gigs anymore. Never! Even if I have terrible grammar and spelling mistakes on the description. I know it might sound stupid to keep a description with mistakes but in my opinion, it’s better than waiting for days for your gig to come back. If it does!


I think it would’ve lasted more for me, too, but I asked CS what was wrong, and they hurried the review process (because the change I did was too minor to trigger such an intense review)


I sent CS the question of which edits cause gig to be reviewed.

Here is the response:

so, that’s no definitive answer about what causes a gig to go to review, however, it does make me feel better that I’m not being a bother by contacting support.



Recently I made 1 small edit and it vanished from search results for more than 24 hours after which I sent support a message and they resolved the issue.

Any edit will require the approval of Fiverr editorial team which means, any edit will pause your gig for 24 hours or more from search results.

UPDATE 11:29pm EST, MAY 27
Gig image replacement did not remove gig from search results.


I know for certain that I’ve made many edits on my gigs, and been able to verify via search that they were still up afterwards. Out of perhaps 100 edits I’ve made across my gigs, only 2 or 3 of them have resulted in my gig disappearing from search. It’s possible that the other 97 times the review team caught them very quickly that I did not notice, but doubtful.

what part of the gig did you edit @thecreativeguys?


I suppose there is a form of manual reviewing each edited gig but it could very well be a robot that tracks what updates you’ve made and pulls them aside for a “safety check”

For instance, I changed a gig image and that gig remained in search right away.


hmm… maybe with our powers combined we could crack the editorial review triggers :-p

and of course they would change them again. haha.


I don’t think it’s that hard to know, but I’d love to hear feedback from others who have updated their gig, what they updated, and how long it took for it to show up in search…



I’ve recently changed all my gig images and it didn’t go for review. I first tried changing my newest gig, and only then the existing ones, but none of them went to review.

I’m still postponing editing my descriptions though so I’ll keep an eye on this thread