Which types of gigs are the best on Fiverr?


I mean All Category Gig is the Best on Fiverr.


Hmm I see alot of success in voice overs, photoshop/editing, and article writing


The best type(s) of gig categories for you to be successful, are the categories within which you can offer services that YOU are good at. Don’t create gigs just because a category is popular. If you can’t deliver the services within your gigs at a high level of quality, then you shouldn’t be hosting those kinds of gigs. Services that you do not do well can kill your reputation as a Fiverr seller, and that might make anything you try do on Fiverr fail.

Only create gigs for services that YOU can do well.


The fiverr was huge platform for the buyer and seller, In the site many category was popular like a logo design,
create a vector from scratch etc…so it will not focus on particular part it will open platform if you provide provide a best services then customer was came to your side. :slight_smile:


It doesn’t really matter what category you sell your services in, if you offer quality, professional services you’ll be successful.


That will depend on you skill and talent
ask your self before putting/adding a gig on fiverr


This is absolutely correct. Never offer a gig because you see people excelling in it. Rather, do it for the love