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Which upload sites you suggest ? Bad experience with dropbox and Mediafire

Hello !
I have a bad experience with dropbox it take too long time when uploading the files and at the end nothing uploaded .
also mediafire I tried to upload on it and the process stopped at 37% after a long time waiting .

Please which site you recommend ? expect google drive .


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Actually I read in a post just yesterday that ToS says that the use of dropbox is not allowed. :wink:


This may help you:

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Hm, did that post quote it too? I’ve searched for Dropbox on-site with ctrl+f, also pasted the ToS into a Word file to search there, just in case, but no hits. Well, I guess I should read them once more anyhow since I did see some things that were changed, but hadn’t noticed Dropbox mentioned in my re-read.

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Yes, it was @merciavideo that quoted this from ToS. :wink:


Thanks, I’m on page 13/24, guess I’ll find it eventually. :sleeping: What I did find, BTW, is an answer to a question I saw on some other thread but didn’t have an answer to - review time is 14 days now, according to ToS:

Responding and posting a review: Once work is delivered, the Buyer has three days to respond. If no response is provided within the response period, the order will be considered completed. Buyers also have 14 days to post a review on the delivered work.


Here you go:
** A seller must deliver their files via Fiverr’s platform, rather than via external cloud platforms (such as Dropbox).* :slightly_smiling_face:

but also:

So is it, or isn’t it allowed? :thinking:


Oh, thank you, well, then I can’t find it in the ToS, it’s an Article. Good, already was afraid my MS Word is broken.


But that’s not on the “terms of service” page. Also what about files that are too big for Fiverr?
Also, since attaching/uploading big files on the Fiverr delivery system is often unreliable, it’s probably not a good idea to upload very big files to Fiverr. eg. Fiverr said/says “max 150 MB” (even though I think the actual limit is quite a bit higher). One failure and it might take ages to try to upload again. Also if there are multiple files, attaching with Fiverr has been known to drop some attachments but also if you are delivering a revision only some of the files (which may be very big) may have been changed but Fiverr forces you to upload everything. With dropbox you would only need to specify the link to the unchanged files and not re-upload them.

The software version of dropbox is probably better for big files, because even though it may take a while, if the connection drops it seems to carry on from where it left off. You can also send a lower res/bitrate version as an attachment. I think that should be okay and the terms of service themselves don’t prevent it.

I didn’t say it was. :wink:

It’s advice given in the seller help centre. :slightly_smiling_face:


In this case, I’d say the “rather than” means: if at all possible, use Fiverr’s system. Else, the ToS bits about privacy (no email but just a download link), not trying to circumvent anything, and providing files/proof of delivery apply.
Also, I’d “rather” stick to solutions that have been accepted in the past and not try anything new without getting the OK from support first.

edit: If someone uses Dropbox because they like it better, even though the file could be sent with Fiverr’s uploader, it might be interpreted as “circumventing”, depending on the person, I guess. As always, whatever you do, do it at your own risk and peril. :wink:


I’ve just checked and the current “delivery” box says “max 1 GB” for attachments (not sure if that’s per file). It used to say “max 150 MB”.

  1. Some video files are bigger than that.
  2. Fiverr drops some attachments sometimes
  3. 1 connection failure or Fiverr error and you’d have to reupload every file again which could take ages
  4. Revisions where only 1 of the big files has changed could take much longer uploading as an attachment instead of respecifiying the link.

So if you are using dropbox (eg. the software version) I think it would minimize the risk (of Fiverr thinking you’ve done something wrong) if you also upload a low res version/low bitrate version to Fiverr as proof of work and also for possible use in the gallery.


That’s not correct…

  • A seller must deliver their files via Fiverr’s platform, rather than via external cloud platforms (such as Dropbox).

That article is incorrect. Whoever wrote that is misinformed. It’s a shame they post articles with wrong information in them. It’s disconcerting.

I think she may have made a mistake. It was from a help centre article that was posted by @merciavideo yesterday.


Blame Fiverr - they wrote it! :slightly_smiling_face:


The new fiverr app update said it can be used to upload a file as large as 2 gig. If I’m not mistaken. So, why dropbox, when you can actually upload here.

So if the file is more than 2 gig, which i doubt if it can really be. I will suggest that you contact the customer service and discuss how to deliver the service.

Because if you get a connection failure or Fiverr error uploading it could take ages to re-upload (which could be multiple huge files) etc. with Fiverr because it doesn’t carry on from where it left off (but the software version of dropbox does). See the reasons listed in the posts above. Fiver’s okay for small files though (assuming it doesn’t drop the attachments).

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A person wrote it. Some of the grammar is incorrect also:

Late deliveries not only harms the buyer’s satisfaction

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Just wondering.
Now i understand.