Which video games do you play in your spare time?


Currently I’m playing piano tiles 2 in my phone and I’m a complete noob. Which game do you play? What platform and What’s your expertise.




Battlefield fanboyz coming in 3…2…


the goonies…


MW3 … I like the game…make a whole lot if sense


I am playing Clash Royale now a days, it’s really addictive game.
My advice: You shouldn’t play this game if you don’t want to waste your time.


I wasted 2 years in COC but clash royale is not my thing.


I play CS 1.6 …




Sometimes shooting bots do help :stuck_out_tongue:


Dead Or Alive 5 - Final Round

I enabled the OMG Breast Movement, lol.

My favorite is still GTA V, even though it has been a while since I’ve been in Los Santos.


I wanna play GTA 5 but I got a laptop.


[details=These evenings, …] I spend about an hour shooting my way through São Paulo


[details=And then there’s…] Minecraft which my daughter still wants us/me to play but I think we’re done here. :smiley:



I just got Uncharted 4 and that’s what I am playing now.

Want to try Mass Effect: Andromeda but the game is filled with bugs, so I am going to skip it for now.

Usually, I play NBA 2K when I have more free time and don’t have anything particular to do/play on my mind.


Parenting gone right. :grinning:


Mass effect : Andromeda weird characters makes me wanna puke lol. :smile:


I’ve been busy lately but whenever I’m not coding or blowing stuff up with electricity, I’m usually founded to be playing Pokemon. I play from Pokemon Blue all the way to Pokemon Moon. Some other games are Subway Surfer when killing time and when I can, play Halo Reach because of the plasma gun. :slight_smile:


I miss the old firered days. The nostalgia is so strong.


Still comin’…? :thinking:


Looks like there aren’t any left. :joy: