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Which words i can't use with my clients in inbox?

I have used the word “dollars” a single time. After that, my friend told me that my account will be banned for use this word. Please suggest me something to solve this problem!


The main ones give a warning message in the inbox when they are typed (before enter is pressed). “dollars” doesn’t give a message so I assume it’s okay. If you need to you could use the “$” symbol, eg. “I could do that for $20”.

eg. “pay” gives a warning message, saying “off-site” doesn’t give an immediate warning but I think that might get flagged, the name of a certain competing site doesn’t give an immediate warning but will get flagged, “email” gives a warning message.

You could search the forum for other warning words.

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Thank you!
but there it takes any problem then what should i do?

I said there doesn’t seem to be any problem with saying “dollars” or using “$”. Avoid the words I said give warnings - don’t create a message with them (but if you typed something like “pay” you could see the message that Fiverr gives about it, but don’t press enter - ie. don’t send a message with “pay”).

There shouldn’t be much problem as long as what you do in the inbox is okay with the TOS and policy pages (so I’d read the TOS page and any policy pages it links to from that and if possible other ones).
But like I said, search the forum for other warning words if you want to know them.

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